Let’s Talk Landscaping – Maintenance Made Simple

Nothing says summer like an outdoor project. Does your backyard need an overhaul? Looking for a little extra curb appeal? Thinking of moving toward water-saving, low-maintenance landscaping techniques? No matter your vision, our landscapers at Maintenance Made Simple are here to help.

But first thing’s first when it comes to home improvement: budget.

It’s important to understand exactly what you’re working with before getting to work, whether its yard size, native plants, animals that roam the area, or soil integrity on your lot. Because it’s easy to let your creativity flow and set lofty goals for your space, it’s important to get basic information together and really take a look at how much you’re willing to spend to improve your home’s landscaping.

You’ll want to spend a few weeks studying how the elements interact with your yard before nailing down a detailed project plan. Observe which direction breezes come in, which areas of your yard get the most sunshine, and which plants seem to grow best in your neighborhood and the surrounding areas.

We also recommend incorporating future maintenance and equipment access into your landscaping plans. Our team at Maintenance Made Simple is happy to keep your front, back, and side yards in perfect condition, but homeowners have their own share of work to do as well. Some of the most beautiful flowers, plants, and fountains come with a laundry list of things to do to keep them vibrant and thriving in your space, and our experts can help you assess what designs require the most—and least—amount of upkeep. Plus, there’s a level of functionality that every design has to incorporate for true success.

Finally, we’re familiar with all settling and drainage considerations and can keep your vision realistic for your home.

Once the specifics are worked out, the real fun part beings. Designing a yard is not only a large, comprehensive task, but it come with a little pressure too. Maintenance Made Simple’s landscapers understand the elements of design and are knowledgeable about the latest trends and technologies the industry has to offer. We’ll help you realize your vision in the most balanced and poignant way possible, providing comfort to you, your family, and the folks you share your home with.

When drawing up ideas, find a focal point that’s the most important to your design vision. Is it a specific tree or plant? Is it a fire pit or seating area? It’s different for everyone, but these details are what will eventually make the end design true to your personality and style.

We understand better than anyone that taking on large-scale home improvement projects can be a costly, time-consuming, stressful process. We’re here to make the experience easy and manageable for Colorado homeowners, and to help your vision come to life.

If you have any questions or concerns about your home’s landscaping needs, call us today for an appraisal or a quote. Let’s work together!